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I don’t know about y’all, but this time of year I lack motivation for projects! I I couldn’t even find the motivation to decorate for Valentine’s Day this year! I think its the winter blues 🙂 I have however ventured into closets and drawers organizing and doing some winter cleaning. I have one more closet left to tackle (I saved THE WORST for last!). Which brings me to my DIY textured canvas. I think I started painting in attempts at avoiding the dreaded closet, lol.

You can shop this picture HERE

A year or so ago I painted a canvas and decided to give it another try. This canvas above I found on Amazon and it is one of my faves!

Items needed:

  • Canvas
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes and sponges (different sizes and styles)
  • Palette or putty knife, plastic fork, mason jar rings, tile trowel (basically anything you want to create different textures). I only used the putty knife for this painting.
  • Spackle, plaster, and /or baking powder to create different textures
  • Optional: 1×2 wood to frame your canvas (you can even have the hardware store cut to your measurements), E6000 glue, clamps

Let me preface this by saying I AM NOT A PAINTER! There are going to be so many of y’all that will read this and know waaaaaaaaaayyyyy more than me about painting and probably have advice on better techniques and such. Feel free to drop them in the comments so I can try them on future projects. *** I included a video at the end***

The options are honestly endless on what kinds of patterns you add. I recommend looking at multiple pieces of art that you like and draw inspiration from them. Then search your home for objects to use to add the texture (meat tenderizer, grater, comb, literally anything!).

I am going to start by mixing a base, neutral color with my spackle and do an all over THIN pass. My goal here is to add all over texture and a good neutral color.

For this piece my goal was to create color variations to represent a landscape setting and add depth. My attempts at adding depth didn’t go so well 😂.

After my base coat I worked in 3 sections. I started at the bottom working on the ground, then moved to the middle section for my trees, and lastly the sky. I used multiple sponges and brushes give different variations of patterns. I also used different techniques to apply the paint such as stamping it or like you would for a sponge painted wall.

To prevent harsh lines I added a little water to my paint and blended out the edges. I also came in with a light color after my dark and added it randomly throughout.

Y’all what I did is so challenging to describe 😂😂.


This frame will go on my list of DIY fails 😂!

I had hubby cut my wood and I decided to try this without using a nail or braid gun so those without such tools could DIY theirs. Well… my wood was a tad warped and I didn’t have enough clamps so it was a mess. Lol

I think if I had 8 of these clamps it may have turned out okay.

Taaaa daaaa

Here she is in all her glory! Y’all try not to fight over her 😂! It was fun and so relaxing and helped me avoid the dreaded closet so I guess we will consider it a win 🥰

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