Happy New Year Friends!

Hope you are staying healthy this new year! Our bunch spent the first week sick, but luckily we are all over it.

Christmas Coffee Bar
Fall Coffee Bar

I decided to take apart my coffee bar and use it as an adult beverage bar for our New Year celebration. After our celebration I was left with trying to decide what to do with this spot. I asked on my Instagram stories and had several great suggestions (a nacho bar was my fave), but decided to go with an area for my plants mixed with some minimal winter decor. This idea lead to me painting a rustic vase, a terra cotta pot, and a wood tray.

I wanted to not only add paint, but also texture for a richer look to the vase and pot. There are several different ways to do this, but two of the easiest ways are with baking soda or dirt. Yep, dirt straight from your yard. Baking soda will give a finer texture and dirt will come out a bit thicker. For these 2 pieces I used baking soda since it was cleaner and convenient.

I’ve also used garden lime in the past to achieve this look above with my terra cotta pots. Here’s a link in case you want to try it.

Items needed:

  • Paint, I used acrylic
  • Baking soda or dirt
  • Paint brush
  • Sanding pad or sand paper


This vase was pretty easy to redo since it already had quite a bit of texture to it (this is my second time redoing it). I mixed black paint and baking soda and first painted the entire vase.

After the first coat was applied I used the tip of the brush and applied clumps of paint here and there.

Once dry I used the sand paper and lightly sanded in a horizontal pattern.

Here is the final result


Honestly, I was in a hurry or I would have added a base color of probably grey, but due to time I went with the same mixture of black acrylic paint and baking soda.

I applied the first coat, let it dry, and then applied clumps of paint sporadically. After it dried I sanded a couple of small areas.

For now here is the look of my Winter Spot.

I added a few plants and mixed some fresh cedar clippings and winter houses. Closer to spring I would love to use this spot for herbs!!

What do you think?

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