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Hello everyone!!

Man September has flow by even quicker than August did! Before we know it Christmas will be here! Y’all…. I’m finally accepting that summer is over!


Welcome to our monthly thrift store challenge hosted by Emily at Le Cultivateur and Tara at stilettos and shiplap . Be sure to scroll to the bottom and check out all of these awesome finds!!! Each of us will bring you items that we scored while thrifting or on marketplace and show you how we repurpose them.

This month I want to show y’all my oversized coffee table that I found on FB Marketplace. I have been searching for a new table for some time and finally found one the size and style I want. The listing was for $100 and I made an offer for $50. Initially she said no and then the next day she came back and accepted the $50! 🙌🏽

Check out the before picture of this monster!!

I have no clue if these colors were on purpose or the previous owner was in the process of repainting her, but she was for sure getting a makeover!


First, I started the sanding process. The previous owner had a dog that used the corners as a chew toy, lol!

I used my palm sander and sanded everything down. This was the longest part of the process trying to smooth out the corners and take of the layers and textures.


Next I filled the holes with wood glue and the saw dust from sanding. I allowed this to dry and then sanded each spot. I left lots of the dints and dings to keep the aged look!

Cleaning Her Up

I used the lead blower and blew off dust and then just a good wipe down with a soapy rag.


I used Rustoleum white milk paint and painted 2 coats. I then took a palm sander and sanded the edges and several places on the top to add the aged look.

Here is the finished look!! What do y’all think? I’m still trying to get use to the size. The height is a little taller than I’m use to, but I love the style and width.

Thanks so much for stopping by!! Don’t forget to scroll all the way down and check out everyone’s awesome finds!

If you decide to give this a try, tag me on IG or FB so I can share! Be sure to give me a follow here and on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for more projects 😘. ❤️Danya


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  1. Oh wow, I love it, Danya! What a good find. It looks perfect in your home.

    1. Thank you. I’ve been worried it was too large.

  2. Boy Danya such a great size coffee table. Don’t know what the previous owner was upto with the coffee table.

    Great find and job.


  3. I’d say the previous colors were on purpose. I’ve seen tables for sale finished like that. Anyways I actually love the size for your space. It really holds the space well because it’s such a large area and competing with such a large sectional and all. I love how it looks in there and how you’ve styled it for fall! Thanks so much for joining us this month.

    1. It was very unique for sure. Some of the areas were distressed and others textured. Thank you

  4. Danya, that table is gorgeous. Great find girl! Also thank you for reminding me I have those furniture risers in the attic. Here I have been using paint cans to raise my stuff off the ground. Love the table and your home!

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