Wood Window refresh with succulent antiqued prints!

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Hello sweet friends and happy March! Spring is officially here (although it’s decided to stay kind of cool around here) and with that there have been several projects going on over at the Robertson’s! I decided to try to give my wood window an easy refresh.

My idea sounds easy enough, but I never know how things will turn out until I try them.

I purchased this wood window a few years ago at a local thrift store. So not many supplies were needed to spruce it up.

Supplies needed:

  • Card stock paper
  • Tea
  • Cookie sheet for baking your paper in the oven
  • Succulent print
  • Glue gun
  • Tacky glue
  • Scissors

I have tea stained paper in the past, but this time I did it a little different. The last time I stained the paper first and then fed it through the printer. This time I did the opposite and printed first and then tea stained. Click HERE for the full tea staining process.

I found some free succulent prints by searching google. You can click HERE for the ones I used. I am in no way affiliated with this blog, but I loved these prints and FREE = 🙌🏽

I printed them on card stock paper and did some in black and white and the rest in color. I then tea stained my paper.

The black and white ones turned out perfect, but the ones in color bled really bad. I let the black and white ones sit for a couple of days before printing and I used the color ones immediately after printing so this could have been the problem. Next time I’ll let the color ones sit for a few days before I stain and see.

After tea staining the paper and baking them (click HERE for full process), I laid the pages out how I want my succulents arranged.

At this point I realized my papers are shorter than my window panes….. No problem! I just cut a little off of my extra papers and used tacky glue to adhere them.

I then laid my papers on the window pane and glued them in place with my blue gun.

You could for sure use tape if you choose, but I didn’t want to chance them not sticking.

After my prints were secure I gave my window a new coat of sea glass milk paint. This is the same paint I used on my Buffett table redo. Click HERE to check it out!!


I absolutely love how it turned out and it was super simple!

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  1. Danya, I love how this turned out!! I adore old windows, and you made it look even better!! The prints look perfectly aged and so cute in the window panes! Loving this so much!!!

    1. Nice job love it

  2. What you did to the window is so pretty and an inspiration to all of us. What a great piece for any home. I am pinning this to do in my home. Love it. Happy Sunday

  3. Love the images you chose especially the lavender. Windows are great to use in different ways. Love the color paint you chose too!


  4. I love old windows and I just love what you did here! Just gorgeous Danya!
    The colours are just beautiful! This is definitely something I could see my self doing! Great inspiration!!


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