Hello friends and happy almost Christmas!

In less than 2 weeks the hustle and bustle of Christmas will be over. Man I’m going to miss my Christmas décor and the magical feelings of Christmas lights. What about y’all?

For this months thrift store challenge by our hosts, …..  , I decided to decorate one of my mini trees using vintage ornaments. PSSSTT don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and check out everyone else’s finds!!! Recently my husbands uncle asked if we wanted a basket of old Christmas decorations.


Did he really have to even ask? Of course I do!! In this basket were some of the most unusual ornaments I have ever seen. As usual I neglected to get pictures of all of them, but luckily I had posted some to my stories so I went back and found a few pictures of some that I didn’t keep. The more unusual ornaments included cats wearing boas, cats with moving tails, cartoon like flamboyant charters, and some that were actually pretty, but not really something I would use.

I picked out the Santas, icicles, and ball ornaments and surprisingly everyone else at work divided up the rest and took them.

I found a mini flocked tree at Walmart for around $15, seemed like a bargain to me. I had some left over twinkle lights and a small white pom pom garland from Dollar General that I first used. Now for the decorations.

The Santas

Is it just me or are some of these Santas kind of creepy? lol The top 2 are a little creepy to me.

Campbell Kids


Aren’t these Capbells kids adorable? This is a 1987 ornament of the Campbell kids ice skating. There were 2 in the basket and leave it to me to break one of them! That is so typical me!

Other Ornaments



The Ones That Didn’t Make The Cut!


This one was one of the most unique pieces out of all of them. I tried to do Google searches for ornament with doughnuts on its head, woman holding a pie, woman with doughnuts and pie, but no luck. I did keep this one just because it was so unusual to me, but I don’t have it displayed anywhere.






I also tried to Google search this one, but again no luck. When you pull on the string hanging down the tail wags back and forth. Also it is hard to see but that is a plate of fish and a salt shaker in the cats paw 🙂

Final Display


I paired my vintage decorated tree with my mamaws singer sewing machine, my vintage Santa from years back, and this Norman Rockwell Santa tray that I found at a local thrift store. Oh and my tree topper was also in the basket of ornaments. Its a super heavy glass angle.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my vintage Christmas ornaments. Don’t forget to scroll down and check out everyone’s AMAZING thrift store finds. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!


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Thrift Store Challenge: O Christmas Tree…

Thrifted Treasure ~ December

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  1. Many of these ornaments are beautiful. Loved the snowman. Very wonderful pieces you were given


  2. What a good score. How fun! I really like the ones you choose to keep.

  3. So cute, Danya! I just love old ornaments, especially anything vintage or antique and some of the ones that didn’t make the cut are lovely too! The tree turned out so cute!

  4. These ornaments are all so beautiful!! Love your style, my friend!

  5. This is so fun! Love all the vintage ornaments and how you styled them!

  6. Your ornaments are beautiful!!

  7. The old ornaments are so pretty!!!

  8. thanks for sharing this post

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