Vase Redo- From Rustic to a Weathered Stone

Hey y’all! Happy August! We are literally beach bound as I write this! I’m so ready to relax on the beach with a few of my favorite people!!

Check out this easy vase redo using paint, garden lime (or you could use dirt), and baking soda. Give that old rustic vase a new weathered stone look with a few simple steps.

I came super close to getting rid of this little rustic vase, but now I’m glad I held onto it.

Items needed:

  • Vase / vessel
  • Craft paint. I used black and white.
  • Garden lime or dirt. Yep. Dirt from your yard.
  • Baking soda
  • Gloves
  • Paint brush or sponge.

I’m not sure if y’all remember the terra cotta pots that I aged last year using garden lime. But I had a bunch left over so I figured I’d put it to use.

1️⃣st. Mix garden lime and black paint. You want some of the garden lime to dissolve until the paint is a mud consistency. Now, rub the mixture all over your vase. Let this dry for a couple of hours.

2️⃣nd. Next, mix the white paint and baking soda until you have a thicker consistency to the paint. Use your paint brush and apply a coat of this.

After your vase dries you can use sand paper in various spots to add more of an aged look. I skipped this step, because I loved the look without doing it. My vase had divots that added lots of texture and variations of my paint.

Hope you enjoyed this easy vase redo. I’ve added a short how to video below.

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