Vase Redo using Pottery Barn Terra Cotta Pumpkin DIY Method

Vase Redo using Pottery Barn Terra Cotta Pumpkin DIY Method

Happy almost Fall y’all! It’s still so hot here, but we had our fall family pictures taken and they are so cute! Everyone was smoking hot, but they did it for momma🥰! All of our outfits are amazon finds (except mine it ur didn’t come in on time!😡). You can find all of my links HERE

Here’s my gang😍 🔗

Speaking of fall….

Have y’all seen the Pottery Barn Terra Cotta Pumpkin DIY’s that have taken over Instagram?

They are absolutely adorable! The ones sold at Pottery Barn are Terra Cotta. Everyone is using this method on plastic pumpkins and saving a ton of money! I haven’t tried it on a pumpkin yet, but I decided to try it on a vase and I love the way it turned out. >Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for a short video of this redo.

Items Needed:

  • Flour or baking soda
  • Paint Colors: Burnt sienna, Raw umber, & White
  • Rustoleum Camouflage paint ultra flat khaki

Mix your 3 paint colors in equal parts. Apply 2 coats of the paint to your vase or pumpkin / jack o’ lantern allowing time for the paint to dry between coats.

After applying the second coat of paint lightly dust with flour. You can use your hand to smooth it or just dust and after it’s dry use a dry brush to remove excess flour.


This is where you stop if you are going for the terra cotta look! Its the perfect combination of red and orange with the flour giving it an aged look.

After the coat of Khaki spray paint
Then after the flour

I decided I wanted more of a pottery color so I lightly sprayed the vase with the ultra flat khaki spray paint. While the paint was still wet I dusted it with flour. After the vase was dry I used the dry brush and removed excess flour.

Here is the final look!! Let me know if you try it!

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