Ways to Style a Trendy Blazer Jacket

Ways to Style a Trendy Blazer Jacket

Blazer jackets are trending all over right now! You can find them in tons of different colors, with added details such as gold buttons and shoulder pads, and in different lengths.

I love the look of a blazer jacket so much better than a cardigan. Some cardigans can be very unflattering with their oversize shape and can sometimes hide your cute outfit. Whereas a blazer jacket is more fitted and can accentuate your outfit.

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Ways to style a Blazer Jacket

Honestly you can throw a blazer jacket over almost any outfit, but here are a few of my favorite ways to wear it.

>If you’re wanting to dress up that casual, comfortable look you can easily do so by wearing a blazer jacket over a crop top and biker shorts. Pair this with some white chunky tennis shoes for the perfect look.

>Grab your favorite jeans and cute bodysuit and elevate the look with the blazer jacket. You can easily dresses up with wedge sandals or even heels or dress it down with those chunky white tennis shoes.

>Another cute look is adding a blazer jacket over your favorite oversized band tee and biker shorts.

>Pair it with your favorite romper or summer dress. Again you could dress up with wedge sandals or go more casual with chunky tennis shoes.

There are so many other ways you can style these jackets. Drop me a comment below with your favorite!!

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  1. Blazer are one of the trend setting fashion outfit. Have you tired it with ponytail style using straight bundles?

    1. No, but this sounds super cute!

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