Winter Wall Hanger with Cedar Stems & Pinecones

Here’s an easy and affordable idea for winter decor, using cedar stems and pinecones.

Crazy how much my home decor styles have changed over the years. I now prefer a minimalist look with very clean / uncluttered decor.

I decided to give my entryway a little update for winter. I removed all of my garland and ornaments from my tables and trees. I also change the tree out to a flocked one. I made this wall hanger for Christmas and decided to remove the paper ornaments, and replace them with cedar branches and pinecones. You can see how to make it HERE.

Items needed:

  • Thin branch
  • Twine / ribbon / string
  • Cedar stems
  • Pinecones

I started by removing the paper ornaments from the hanger. We have lots of cedar trees outside, so I cut branches of varying lengths and thicknesses. I left mine on the porch overnight in case there were any critters that needed to run away. I then soaked them in water for an hour and allow them to dry.

I tied string from my cedar branch to the wood. It’s literally as easy as it sounds. Just be sure to secure your string on the cedar near a small branch so the string doesn’t slip.

I then added a couple of pine cones. I wrapped the string around the pine cone in one of the grooves and then tied it to the branch.

It’s super simple and was completely free! That’s a win win for me.

You can make these as large or small as you want them depending on your branch.

What do you think?

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