Yep, it’s Another Vase Redo

This is it!! I’ve found my favorite method for working magic on those ugly vases!!

It was a bit messy… okay truthfully it was a lot messy, because I’m naturally a mess with things like this anyway 😂. But I LOVE how all 3 of them turned out.

VIDEO of process at the end!

I went to goodwill and a local flea market and ended up with 3 vases to work with. I think I paid $12 for all 3. I also set out to do something with this rustic piece on the right, but ended up not liking it and decided not to mess with it.

Here’s a Before & After 😍

Items used:

  • Baking soda
  • Garden lime (or dirt)
  • Acrylic paint. I used black, white, grey
  • Paint & Sponge brushes
  • Gloves (because it’s messy!!)
  • Optional: toothbrush

This is my very favorite vase and my goal was for the other 3 to turn out something like this.

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I used the same technique on all 3 vases, BUT I made my mixtures different consistencies to experiment with textures. Vase 1 was a thicker mixture, 3 was pretty thin, and vase 2 was in between.

Your ratio of baking soda to paint all depends on how thick you want your mixture. I personally love how all 3 of them turned out.

Also, if you notice I don’t have brown paint. Instead, I used garden lime for added texture and for my hint of brown.

Start by adding garden lime to a plate or bowl and just a little water! It only takes a very small amount to dissolve the granules. The lime doesn’t dissolve well with only paint, so this step is necessary if you are using the lime. If you decide not to use lime, then be sure you have brown paint.

While the lime is dissolving mix your paint and baking soda. If your mixture is too thick add more paint and if it is too thin add more baking soda. I used mostly white paint with a tiny bit of grey. It takes a lot to cover each vase, so be sure to mix a good amount so you have consistent color for the entire vase.

Now, add your dissolved garden lime to the mixture a little at a time until desired color and consistency achieved.

This is the color I started with and the thickest mixture of the 3.

Now apply paint to your vase. This vase was textured so I had to really push the mixture into all the grooves with my sponge brush. I did my best to apply in a horizontal pattern and would use my hands at times to smooth it out (smooth & pat). Kinda like if you were working with clay.

After your first coat is applied then allow a few hours to dry.

After dry I randomly added a tad darker color using a paint brush.

For the black splatters I have seen people use black paint and a tooth brush, but I didn’t have any extras therefore I used a paint brush. I practiced on paper first! Dip your brush in black paint and then take your fingers and fan the end of the brush towards the vase. I used the handle end of the brush for the dots.

I added some spring greenery and here is how I displayed my new vases 🙂

Vase 1
Vase 2
Vase 3

What do y’all think? Which one is your favorite of the 3?

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